Aquarisces (The Lost Scrollz of Charly Millz) pt​.​1

by Chief'e aka Para-Dox



This is Truly the lost scrollz of Charly Millz , the last of the 00 agents, he is agent 100(One - Double O). Long after James Bond disappears, Charly Millz(Chief'e) appears and finds himself beginning his own adventures. This album is jam-packed with excitement even special guests from Pussy Galore. This album also encompasses all that is right and all that is hideously wrong within this world all in one. Para-Dox aka Chief'e truly captures his seemingly never ending battle between good and evil within in himself, and presents it to the world in this album that is titled Aquarisces (which represents Aquarius and Pisces which both are his astrological signs(cusp) ) (The Lost Scrollz of Charly Millz) pt.1


released February 19, 2014

Executive Producer: Px da Wordsmith (Para-Dox) for Px Productions
***Make Em Holla - Produced by Marc Byrd***
**Pussy Galore - Featuring K-Krush-h**

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Track Name: Fire
Yeah (Ha Ha)
Fuck it
They Try to hold us down in this bitch (Shit ain't happening)
This ya boy Chief'e
let's get it live in this mufucka


Just like Fire

(Baby i be hot like Fire - Nigga i be hot like Fire) repeat 3x

Baby i be hot like Fire - Keep that shit tight

Verse 1:

Man i'm back to this
A sharp mutherfucker while you practice this
Why you playing dog with your theactricness
I'm just saying dog look at the facts you bitch
you dealing with a real nigga
I build wit ya
to see ya ass grow
throw a pitch in the field wit ya
I'm feeling it
put yo glass in the air
drinks we spilling it
cause the passion is there
I'm killing this
I know that they mad
because I'm villainous just put the dough in the bag
I got these heaters to
see viva las vegas
they come to see us
them senoritas and playa's
its no fakes bro
like no stakes
we both face the necessary evils
to put a nigga face in the dirt (uhh)
I got put in work ma
my niggas got to eat
(my stomache hurting)


Verse 2:

I can never understand
how a grown man
wants to be another man
wants to be in his place
be in his space
I know its big
Bitch how my dick taste
I dictate
how i calculate big cake
I switch States
while your trying to switch places
We Gonna make it
shower me wit big faces
I got that power
my attorneys can get the cases
see the name is
I'm done with the arraignments
Boss status
now I make arrangements
sacrificed it all
so I can be famous
payed the price for yall
so you know what my name is
bang wit ya nigga
chill and maintain wit ya nigga
while we run game on them bitches
I figure
that my figures
will fix situ-ations
while i'm waiting on my liquor



Get it
We Get it
We Get it Get it
We Get it
We Get it Get it
We Get it
We Get it
Getting that paper

We Get it Get it
We Get it
We Get it Get it
We Get it
We Get it Get it
We Get it
We Get it
Getting that paper

Verse 3:
Gotta get that paper
gotta get that dough
get new neighbors
Watch me develop
I gotta grow
meet my quotas
i'm a bubble like soda
new nigga's stretch to much
they breathe yoga
Slow it up
bringing you the dopest cuts
open your eyes
the focus is us
in God we trust
It's obvious
that we need Yeezus
so i can survive through the months
time and time again
im applying this
The game
I'm redefining it
redesigning shit
read the finest prints
I'm on my business
vicious like politicians
i'm on a mission
i'm gonna get it
i might throw them bows with it
4$ho though wit it
rock a promo fitted
you can quit it
you dealing with them pros
I live this